Strawcherry scene

Hairpire and Honeydew pulling a connected Strawcherry

Strawcherries are a type of natural food in the Mixels land.They were first seen in LEGO® Mixels - Hairpire And Honeydew Murp!


In the cartoon form, Strawcherries have a strawberry's seeds on a cherry, and the pointed stem of a cherry coming out of a strawberry's leaves. The LEGO form uses Minifigure heads and a flexible chain piece.


LEGO® Mixels - Hairpire And Honeydew Murp!

Honeydew and Hairpire are seen having a picnic at Mountain City, until Honeydew and Hairpire both grab a connected Strawcherry by accident. They try pulling the stem to seperate the two Strawcherries, but they end up failing. Honeydew grabs a Cubit from the picnic basket, and they suddenly Murp. The Murp then runs uncontrollably, and runs up an electric tree by spurting a vine of honey to the top. Hoogi then appears and breaks the stem, and then they unmix. The electric tree falls down onto Hoogi, which crushes him.


  • They may be the most frustrating food so far.