Dadaw's first coustome episode "Nix in the sppining land"

the nixels build a nix jet and they try to catch derdo and wizwuz

mixels in the episode

derdo ( windesters )



mixel park

nixel land

spining land

the episode


(title in the sky and the camera down to the mixel park)

derdo: very nice day in mixel park no nixels or trubles

wizwuz: yes

(camera in the nixel land)

major nixel: alright nixels

nixels: nix

major nixel: running not help on mixels can fly and lands in high places beacuse thet we need thet

( camera on the thing major nixel show )

major nixel: the nix jet

(nixels runing to the nix jet)

nixels: nix

wizwuz: wait a nixel wave after us

derdo: jump on me

(wizwuz jump to derdo head)

(derdo make tornado and fly to the spining land)

derdo: now we safe

wizwuz: form where the nixels get jet


derdo: what run

nixels: nix nix nix nix

derdo: you have a qubit i dont have own rigth now

wizwuz: yes lets mix

derdo: we can make a magic dust wind now

wizwuz and derdo: miiiiiiiiiiiiix


wizwuz\derdo mix: ahe

(magic dust out form the mix and the mix make tornado the nixels fall in the nixels land)

major nixel: you cant do thing better i take the last own

(major nixel start to fly and the fuel container was empty)

major nixel: ahhhhhhh

(major nixel fall )

the end - nhe edt