The 4th episode by Dadaw

episode 4 season 1 ligtheders fun

The ligtheders order the cragsters and the electroids to the clouly land to do fun in the slider on staflo's tower.

Mixels in the episode

All of the Ligtheders

All of the Cragsters

All of the Electroids

The episode

Staflo: Welcome to my tower Electdroids and Cragsters.

Volectro: what we do here

Lig: There is a giant slider on the tower we can make there BIG FUN!

Bigi: Lets show for them

(All the mixels climb to the top of the tower)

Teslo:Now what?

Seismo: I remember you have a voltometer can chek how much fun it is

Zaptor: The electdroidZZZZZZZZZZZZ firZZZZZZZZts

Staflo: Yes

Teslo: Redy?

Volectro adn Zaptor: Yes.

Bigi:lets push them

(The elctdroids start to slide and they fall form the cloud land)

Volectro: this so fazzzzzzzzzt

(The slider drop them to the sky)


(fall on the cloud land)

Lig: This cloud dont warry.

Teslo: This was zzzzzzzzzzuper funzzzzzzzzzzz

Volectro:Super fast

Crasgters: Now our turn

(The cragsters fall form the Cloud land and the slider push them to the sky)

The End