The IceHuntars are a tribe of Icy Tribes that resemble a Sabre Tooth tiger, A Mammoth and a Vulture.


  • Infernites: The IceHuntars Hate the Infernites, who are always trying to burn their fun.
  • Electroids: The IceHuntars and Electroids are neutral.
  • Cragsters: The Icehuntars and the Cragsters get along very good, as they play Rockball
  • Flexers: The Icehuntars hate Tentro, because he is always doing the Robot, and the IceHuntars dont know how to dance. The rest are neutral.
  • Frosticons: The IceHuntars and Frosticons are best friends, especially with Lunk.
  • Fang Gang: The IceHuntars and Fang Gang are really good friends, as Vardy is Jawgs best friend.

Characters in this tribe

  • Sir Fangar - The leader of the Icehuntars, he freezes everything in his path when he walks, some tribes hate it, but the Frosticons couldnt be happier about it. His Best Friend is Flurr.
  • Vardy - Resemnling a Vulture, he has wings. He can fly but his Wings freeze everything they touch. He is Jawgs best friend and you can never find him going anywhere without Jawg beside him - or below him!
  • Sopep - Resembling a Mammoth, she has a Trunk, a frozen trunk. Her best friend is Krader.


  • Infernites VS IceHuntars(First Apperance]
  • Esclator
  • Thunderstorms
  • Frozen Flexers