Drazor is a Predasparks Mixel. 



Rare Drazor

Debut Dragon Battle
Latest Appearance  ?
Tribe Predasparks
Position Leader
Gender Male
Color Red, Cerulean
Special Features Beak,

Wings, Mechanical Hands, Fire Tail

Likes Mix,

Flying, Max, Flain, other Predasparks, other Mixels, Twirl (girlfriend)

Dislikes Nixels,

one of the Mixels that annoyed him, Murp. Untrusted Friends

Quote "Ready for battle."
Voice Actor David Kaye
Game Abilities Thunfire Breath,

Claws (level 5) Shoot lasers (level 10)

Lego Drazor
Some attributes
No. of Pieces 95
Color Bright Red, Bright Blue
Made by DarkTidalWave



Drazor is a brave, smart Mixel. He like to fly around Mixel Land.

Physical Appearance

He has a cerulean body and shoulder pads. He also have bat-like wings at the back. He has a red rounded head and eyes at the sides. He have a crest at top and have six cerulean horns at the back. His beak have a cerulean at the top and red at the bottom. He has a body that widens at the end with a light grey collar-like piece at his neck. He has two red slender arms with grey pincer hands. On his wrists are cerulean triangle-like covers that taper down. His legs are black with cerulean feet with two red toes on each foot. His tail is long cover in flames at the end of his tail.


He have a mechanical hands to create things; sometimes he use it just in case. He breath a Thunder Fire called, "Thunfire".


  • His name is a pun with Dragon and Razor
  • He, Flain , Torts , and Swall is the only one with a beak.
  • He is the only mixel that has mechanical hands


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